Kagan Alkaline Water

What Does Alkaline Ionized Water Do?

pH Balancing & Hydration

We’ve heard countless testimonials over the years from people claiming all kinds of amazing health benefits from drinking alkaline, ionized water. And while we believe many of these stories, the only way to truly know the potential is to try it for yourself. However, we will tell you why we believe ionized water is so miraculous: for us, we’ve experienced many benefits that we attribute as follows:

  1. It’s Super Hydrating! If our bodies are fighting to stay alkaline and we drink acid water, the body will be unable to benefit from it. It will simply flush through the system, taking many alkaline minerals with it. With ionized water, you can now drinking mineral-rich water that the body craves to stay hydrated. Ionized water doesn’t sit in the stomach and slosh around feeling heavy and bloated: it’s absorbed quickly, routed to the cells and pulled through the skin as perspiration; that’s the hydration equation!
  2. It’s Full of Anti-Oxidants! Oxidation is aging, just like a nail oxidizes and rusts. Ionized water is made by an electrolysis procedure leaving the water negatively charged. A free-radical is a positively-charged hydrogen ion running amuck in the body. With ionized water, feel younger, have more energy, don’t get hung over and sleep like a baby!
  3. It’s Great for pH Balancing! It’s not easy for us Americans to follow an alkaline diet, especially with our fast-paced lives. And even so, dietary preferences and personal taste still cause us to eat acidic food. Now, with alkaline ionized water, it’s easy to neutralize the acidity of our favorite foods just by drinking the clean, delicious water.

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