Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Introducing the West Coast Sauna System at The Breath of Life Wellness Center. West Coast Sauna’s revolutionary technology provides the most beneficial far infrared sauna session available so you get the most health benefits.

At up to 6200 in², our Carbon Wave 360 panels offer a broad heat distribution, which leads to a greater amount of absorption. The heater’s total surface area far exceeds our competitors’.

Our authentic Carbon Wave 360 heating panels are within the desired range for maximum human benefit. We utilize Carbon based mixed materials consisting of 20 different kinds of organic minerals and elements. The operating temperature of our infrared sauna is between 60° and 150°F, compared to traditional saunas which operate at 300° and 1000°F. This is important because one can withstand longer therapy sessions, resulting in increased sweat production. Carbon Wave 360 heaters are not only efficient but luxurious, cost effective and safe.

Book A Session

Booking a session in the sauna is easy. Just call us at 845-562-4003 to schedule your session. Bring a friend or two! Up to 3 people can enjoy the sauna at the same time.

$20 per 50 minute session & 10 minute shower

What to bring:

  • Bathing suit
  • Shower shoes (flip flops)
  • Towel

Towels are available here for $2.50; flip flops $5.


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