tony-afterTony Gines

The company was started in 2002 by Tony Gines, who himself became very ill and decided to take his health back the way it was intended, the holistic way. Since than he has brought in the rest of his family members and has been on a mission ever since to educate others and to serve those seeking for true health and wellness.

Tony is the owner of The Breath of Life and holds a spiritual healer’s license which is nationally recognized, as well as essential oils and raindrop technique certifications.


Matt Gines Nutrition CounselingMatt Gines

Matthew has worked with our Wellness Center for over 12 years perfecting the art of helping to change lives. He has a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and has worked with our clients using a real food and habit forming process that gets life-changing results.

The real food nutrition program is the product of over 10 years of research and elite coaching experience. Nutrition education and change has made all the difference in the world allowing Matthew to not only speed up results for clients but make the impossible, well possible.

“By changing nutrition habits I have been able to help clients reach goals they had long since abandoned. We break through plateaus and see results that are truly surprising.

“Over the past 10 years I have learned what works about nutrition, what doesn’t and why. Not only with clients but for myself. Through my everyday struggles and failures I have learned how to perfect my approach of really helping clients change their lives. We have turned research into results. Let us show you how. The first step is deciding you are truly ready for change. The next step is calling us for your free consultation.”


Veronica Sepulveda - I-Act Board Certified Colon HydrotherapistVeronica Ayala-Sepulveda
I-Act Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Veronica focuses on internal cleansing of the body. She studied in Maryland at St. John’s Academy of Natural Healing and Sciences in 2010, where she learned the Anatomy and Physiology of the digestive system and how Pathology is linked to an unhealthy colon.

I-Act Board CertifiedIn 2012, Veronica advanced and studied with Dr. Theresa Dale PH.D, DNS, C.C.N., N.P and the founder of California College of Natural Medicine, and became certified as a NeuroEndocrine & AntiAging regulation specialist.

Now Veronica’s mission is to teach open minded people to learn and practice the easy methods of Detoxification, Nutrition, and to bring the body to Homeostasis.

To book an appointment with Veronica, call 845-213-1803.


Nicole Komondorea, Licensed EstheticianNicole Komondorea
Licensed Esthetician

Nicole is owner and operator of Growing Young here at The Breath of Life. Growing Young offers custom facial services, waxing, threading, microdermabrasion, event makeup, eyelash extensions, and reflexology.

Visitors at The Breath of Life especially love the reflexology service. Reflexology is a specific pressure used on primarily the feet and hands to manipulate corresponding pressure points to all organs, systems, and glands. Dissipating the blockages to alleviate stress and restore health and balance to the body (especially helpful with sinus issues).

Call or text for appointment availability 845-926-7111.

You can view the full menu of services at Look forward to meeting you.


Christine Aukamp, Certified Integrated Therapies SpecialistChristine Aukamp
Certified Integrated Therapies Specialist ( CITS )

It’s been 6 years with The Breath of Life “family” and a great journey! Having the understanding that the best source of nutrition comes from whole foods, I quickly realized the potential that essential oils had to offer after my initial exposure and started researching everything I could get my hands on. I have continued my studies of essential oils through the Raindrop Therapy Training and education through Aromatherapy courses.

Certified in the Raindrop Technique and qualified as a Certified Integrated Therapies Specialist, I have incorporated essential oils into my work through aromatic and topical techniques. I began blending essential oils based on client requests and needs to provide a natural alternative and healing. After many years of trials and tribulations I have developed a brand of natural products called S2 Blends. A wonderful smelling blend of essential and carrier oils created for tired achy muscles to help with pain and inflammation, and a great balm for cracked dry skin are among the few items found at The Breath of Life. Personal Blending is available through appointment.

The Raindrop Technique combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex in the application of essential oils. Providing a traditional means of bringing balance and harmony to the body, physically, mentally and emotionally. In other words, its a GREAT way to rejuvenate your battery with essential oils that will last in your system long after the session is over!!

Let’s get your weekend started with YOU!!

To make an appointment with Christine call her at 845-597-4245.


Kally Ames, Licensed Spiritual HealerKally Ames
Licensed Spiritual Healer

I’m a licensed spiritual healer and a raindrop facilitator. The raindrop technique helped me push through a difficult time in my life. The oils helped balance me both physically and emotionally. God had a purpose for my pain and now I’m on a new spiritual journey so I can help other people get through life’s challenges. Whether it be emotional or physical, the oils used in the raindrop technique are powerful for healing. Visit my page for more information on the raindrop technique.

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