Angel Energy

Healing is about coming back to the balance of who you are.WHAT IS ANGEL ENERGY: 
Angel energy is the Angelic Healing Ray of Compassion- a warm glow of heart energy with no agenda, opinions or judgement. This loving field of healing energy does not flow to fix you- Its only purpose is to serve. To sit quietly in a loving state of acceptance with just a gentle touch of compassion. This beautiful energy represents a loving intention of support and source of nurturing, healing energy.

Therapeutic touch is the gentle laying of hands and a healing connection through compassion. This beautiful compassion-connection offers Jennifer information about the best course of care to lead in light for each individual healing experience and offers direct insight into after-care. Some people respond best to touch therapy, (direct, hands-on) and some respond best to, (non-direct, hands-off). However, Jennifer will work with both.

Your healing session will always start with great care and be centered specifically on you and your needs. YOU are my first priority. You will fill out some paper work and we will chat a little before your healing session begins. You will lay down, fully clothed on a heated massage table and bed of warm amethyst crystals while soothing music is played in the background. Here, you will breathe deeply, connect with yourself, and simply rest. Next, I will scan your body and energy to gain more specific information of areas needing assistance, attention, and deep care. I will bathe your skin with relaxing essential oils to encourage a deepening in awareness and awakening of the senses to this purely feeling experience. I may use frequency sound therapy to balance your energies and light therapeutic touch for connection and to move stagnant or stuck energy. If troubled areas are picked up, I will encourage any tension to ease into softness to best support an openness into full relaxation. You will feel balanced, restored, deeply cared for and loved. Afterwards we talk about your experience and I will share with you the information/messages given during your healing session and thoughts about after care, allowing a short period for processing. I offer a variety of times to meet your specific needs.

* Gentle support to the body systems
* Nourishment and deep care to physical, emotional, spiritual needs, current and past traumas
* Deep relaxation, soul nutrition, peace and rejuvenation
* Personal awareness and insightful information
* Gain access into deeper wisdom and clarity of core emotional patterns
* A deep sense of peace and calm
* Regain a sense of balance and stability.
* Receive the power of the present moment: Rest, Recharge, Reconnect

Emotional Wellness Coaching teaches, guides, supports, and encourages an individual in achieving emotional health and wellness through building an emotional vocabulary, developing new emotional patterns, and creating new pathways to empowerment. It is an emotional education utilizing effective tools to support forward movement in empowered ways. An Emotional Wellness Coach stays in the present and helps build your emotional wellness according to your emotional needs. The process is quite unique in structure because you will learn the skills that support the experience of emotional health and well-being. This is achieved by learning practice, skill based tools that support a strong foundation for your emotional livelihood. You will find that you can accelerate toward your personal growth and development in more positive and productive ways.

I will be with you every step of the way! As your coach, I will use supportive conversation, direct skill-based practices and coaching techniques to help strengthen your emotional body. We will work toward bringing light to debilitating unconscious blocks and patterns that hold you back or keep you stuck in repeated undesirable situations/circumstances. We will work together through this reawakening process that will excite you in becoming a more conscious, active participant in your life and relationships- including, the relationship with yourself. As you begin to purposefully practice deep levels of compassion for yourself, your feelings, and your emotional responses you will develop a sound and rooted space of empathy for others and the world around you. This is an opportunity, a calling for a co-creative discovery in which you openly participate and have full control of your healing process and personal transformation. Emotional Wellness Coaching is a way to learn direct practice tools/skills, build an emotional vocabulary, and strengthen new emotional patterns. This is an emotional education, you have to “Feel it, in order to Heal it.”

Emotional Wellness Coaching helps you understand your emotional experience and guides you in gaining access to rich information that will quite naturally shift your present moment in ways that serve you best. This process introduces and encourages you to take positive action in ways that will change your life quite effortlessly! Emotional Wellness Coaching teaches you how to start living in line with your authentic self and truly become the creator of the life you want to experience. As your Emotional Wellness Coach I teach the skills that help support your practice in new ways of thinking, responding emotionally, and in gratefully being. This is exciting and transformative work! We may address any area of your life and we will always start with you and come back to you, over and over again. This is how you take responsibility and practice your abilities to create a sense of fulfillment in your life. This process offers you clarity and excitement about the life you know you were meant to experience fully, completely, and dynamically. This is an opportunity for you to discover who you really are, what blocks you, what motivates you and what replenishes your natural vitality in order to transform!

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